Why Would An (Alleged) Man Suffer Monthly Abdominal Cramping?

Because he feels so much like a woman, he actually gets his period. Or he’s a fag and somebody got all up in his guts and his ass is bleeding. Or both of the above. In this recent celebrity testimonial for a popular pain reliever, we’d guess both were in effect.



  1. I think one of his boobs is starting to come out. Also what color does he have on his nails. I bet the guys luv it. especially with those toots. What a manly guy he/she is

  2. Hard to believe Kimmel went from ass-hound to emasculated SJW. Well, maybe not so hard to believe, must be all that estrogen laden soy.

  3. He turned into a pathetic joke and his co-host on The Man Show,Adam Carolla has done home improvement shows and exposing crooked contractors.He was always the entertaining one…along with that dude that chugged beer at the end of the show.

    1. I always liked Carolla better. But yeah, Jimmy’s a two faced fake. He made his bones being politically incorrect, like a regular guy. Now he’s a Hollytwat. Whatever.

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