1. Awesome. One of your best yet. Love the bloody kotex on the ground, nice detail touch.
    Which begs the question………does The Hogg have a pussy, or a mangina? And is there a difference?

  2. Can’t we just put this freakazoid in a full garbage bag burkha and be done with him?
    BTW, cement shoes would be a fitting accessory

  3. re:
    Resistants Monthlies

    Yes, for me myself personally, I notice I have some ‘resistants’ to monthlies. [chuckles at witty entendre] [nods regal head in agreement with self] [extensive back-patting]

    Spose I could find a copy of this at my gynecologist? You may know her or be related, Doctor Taint. I’m asking with the presumption of implied confidentiality.

  4. Did this mannish critter escaped from the petting zoo at the Disney Transgender Kiddie Park? Maybe it’s Mister Rogers’ missing butt buddy, his pal who sang the song about being “special”.

  5. The chocolate frosted flakes ads gave me a seizure, my watch stopped and I lost several hours. I came to on the floor of my garage with Frosted Flakes strewn about and the car running in the driveway. Is there also an ad for furry fetish homo escorts too?

  6. Great work Earl. The Hoggster’s claim to fame is that he didn’t get shot by a maniac of his generation. That makes him an expert on whatever. Let’s see something about that double Y chromosome prisoner ship escapee Emma Gonzales.

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