Breaking News: Clintons All Done

Well dang, they’re dead broke, again. Fortunately the Obama Foundation has kept them on the staff payroll, placing them in various roles compatible with their talents.

But they’re just people now.

(Update: President Clinton has been removed from his position with the grounds crew since the photo below was taken. He has now been reassigned to duty as a glandular palpitation specialist on the Surgeon General’s Enlarged Prostate Task Force, operating out of the local Community Health Clinic. He is also kept on a 24 hour suicide watch.)



  1. I realize he’s making topiary titties and weenies, but do you trust Slick Willy with large, sharp objects? At least we know that cleaning woman understands how to wipe a server clean….

    1. Gawd! Hillary is doing one of those jobs Americans won’t do! What’s next, persons of colour in the swimming pool at the Chappaqua Estate?

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