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Yes I Am Picking On A Little Kid

Because that’s the whole point. David Hogg is ignorant and illiterate, both common enough with youngsters, but he is also arrogant, vindictive, profane and openly political. He’s not out purely to ‘save children’, he’s just the lead singer in the Left’s newest boy band. He’s not a good person, that’s clear enough to me.

Besides, he started it.

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Exclusive Photo: David Hogg – Totally Pasted


Dems Outraged – Illegals Don’t GAF

Seriously. How many illegals take the time to faithfully and honestly complete and return a census form? Give me a break.

They aren’t here for that.

Demanding Their “Right To Be Safe” By Denying Everyone Else Their Right To Self Defense.

What steps can we – sorry, our Government – take to guarantee our personal safety?

A punch-proof, bullet-proof, bully-proof Bubble, perhaps?


But nothing’s perfect. Life-threatening perils remain.


However, this Generation of Young Activists are highly funded by leftist, gun-grabbing millionaires and prominently featured in-kind by the national Media. So we’re told how eloquent and profound they are in supporting the Narrative. And denying reality…


So realistically, we could find just one comprehensive solution for total personal protection, though it too presents certain lifestyle restrictions and is still not 100% indestructible. But if you want guaranteed safety, it’s the best we’ve got. Enjoy life.

safe room

Omnibus The Jachyderm

The Party members shown below are all part of a Republican-Democrat secret mixed Caucus (Latin: Unipartimus Fooxus) commonly known as “Republicrats” or Demolicans” or (like at my house) “Double-Talking Shit Weasels Working To Enrich Themselves And Their Donors At The Taxpayers Expense”. You’ve likely heard one or more called something like that. They’re riding off on their surgically trans-specified mascot Omnibus the Eledonk.

Yes, they are all liars and phonies and yes, they all lick dog balls. And they love it.

I won’t lay this crap sandwich on Trump, not this time. I still have faith that he’s one that’s on our side. Clearly, despite the esteemed Members and Senators who voted against this pig-pile, Congress is looking out for somebody else.


Horses And Donkeys

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Major Legislation Pending In The Sandbox State

Vigilant reader Danne sends this link to a report on the Arizona Legislature’s efforts to enshrine a crusty, scaly old mossback as the official dinosaur of the state.

(And yes, with our typical sense of timing, he will probably go extinct right after we post this.)


Back From Behind The Gym

President and Mrs Donald Trump stopped by Walter Reed Hospital today to visit Joe Biden as he recovers from his private meeting with the President last evening. Doctors say he’s progressing well and should be released within a day or so.

  • Joe’s injuries could not qualify for an actual medal but in a moment of kindness the President did leave him a grape Jolly Rancher which brought the former Vice President to tears.

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A Social Experiment

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I’m Praying For A Happy Ending

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Opening Soon


Still Going

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