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Back From Behind The Gym

President and Mrs Donald Trump stopped by Walter Reed Hospital today to visit Joe Biden as he recovers from his private meeting with the President last evening. Doctors say he’s progressing well and should be released within a day or so.

  • Joe’s injuries could not qualify for an actual medal but in a moment of kindness the President did leave him a grape Jolly Rancher which brought the former Vice President to tears.

post fight


A Social Experiment

hillary's ass

I’m Praying For A Happy Ending

heavenly palaceBURNupdc skylinereentry

Opening Soon


Still Going

break down

Happy St Pat’s

You’re probably too drunk to see this but I forgot so it’s late. Sorry.

There are no wrong answers.

st pat's

Little Known Facts Of Nature

Here’s one most some a few isolated people might find surprising:

dig it

And She Goes Down Again



I know it’s hateful, but I was disappointed to see those bodyguards catch her.


She’s Back

griffin tour

Dems Launch Campaign To Reelect President Trump

That’s not what they’re officially calling it, but we can read the clues.

dems fight back

Of course it’s always possible they’re just politically desperate dumbasses…

far left

First Up On The Obama Channel

A riveting account of the World’s very first, true original Half-African Super Hero, as only he himself can tell it. Currently in production. Supposed to hit theaaters next Fall.

See this magnificent poster sized for the Big Screen (or your personal lobby!) here. Or finger the picture as usual, to make it get bigger.

barack panther poster