These Kids Today

Of course it’s not all the kids in all the schools. It wasn’t in the 60s, 70s or any other decade since. Most kids today are normal and behave normally (thanks kids!). But TV crews have never covered normal behavior to the extent they will feature raucous packs of ranting libtards (eat shit ‘tards!) that support the currently approved Media narrative.

So we’ve no need to worry that the vast majority of our cherished youth are as mentally unfortunate as those we’ve been seeing on the news lately. These poor, witless youngsters (sample shown below) are but a small part of the global Lunatic Fringe, a sad and shallow ring of leftist outrage and opposition that has been with us since time began.

The dogs bark but the caravan moves along.  Ignore the dogs. Or throw them a hot dog. Either way, our future looks as promising as always.



  1. There was a restaurant surveillance video of a millennial waitress recently. She heated the wiener in her vajean, replaced it in the bun and proceeded to serve it. No joke.

    Things have changed man. Some of these retards are animals.

    1. I saw that video too. And there was no doubt about where she kenneled that dog…the video was clear. Shocking and disgusting, sure. I wonder who and why…her ex-boyfriend?…his new girlfriend? Some guy who does photoshops on the internet??

  2. That photo must have been shot in Californicate. Where else do you find such troglodytes posing as human females?

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