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TV Makeup Deemed Major Cause Of Facial Blemishes

Frequently interviewed semi-teen activist and acne survivor asserts that all children have a basic right to clear complexions. He’s currently spearheading a nationwide boycott of the cosmetics industry until they stop selling products that make kids break-out and offer new ones that prevent acne from ever occurring to anyone forever.


Tell Me Again What Russians Did To Actually Affect The Outcome Of The Last Election

Because if what comes out is what I think is coming out, it’s possible likely the media will forget.


These Kids Today

Of course it’s not all the kids in all the schools. It wasn’t in the 60s, 70s or any other decade since. Most kids today are normal and behave normally (thanks kids!). But TV crews have never covered normal behavior to the extent they will feature raucous packs of ranting libtards (eat shit ‘tards!) that support the currently approved Media narrative.

So we’ve no need to worry that the vast majority of our cherished youth are as mentally unfortunate as those we’ve been seeing on the news lately. These poor, witless youngsters (sample shown below) are but a small part of the global Lunatic Fringe, a sad and shallow ring of leftist outrage and opposition that has been with us since time began.

The dogs bark but the caravan moves along.  Ignore the dogs. Or throw them a hot dog. Either way, our future looks as promising as always.


The Musical Stylings Of Michael Moore

The talent is questionable but there is no denying Michael Moore’s passion for the performance. He sucks and blows so earnestly you care barely hear the swallows. While other musicians merely play their tunes, he gobbles his with such gusto nobody minds the excruciating pain of listening. He’s that entertaining.


This pic below was his last album. There are still a few CDs around. All digital files – including the masters – have been destroyed. (Court ordered.)


Master Legislator Nancy Pelosi Just Solved The Border Problem

She is a woman of rare insight. What a national treasure she is.


mowthegrassPelosi Solution

A Compromise

school cops

Pussy Grabbed


Every Day’s A Holiday Without Hillary

A poster to bring you daily joy. I made it large so you can print it out for your family room or wherever.  Or make it into a greeting card that you can send anytime of the year. Maybe scare some of your friends, family and co-workers – so they don’t forget. We must never forget. Always remember to never forget. >bing! new motto!<

It’s also an effective and fully natural birth control device. Just try it! (Warning  – effects may be permanent. Maybe you shouldn’t look.)



A Short Quiz

comforter in chief

National Security Council – Summer 2016

The anti-Hillary memes, comments and shitposts were flooding social media…and they weren’t all created by Americans. An urgent meeting of the NSC was called, to formulate a sharp response to the clear evidence of nefarious foreign meddling in America’s sacred democratic institutions.

This was the point where things really got rolling.


They’re Tiny Little Sawed-Off Sumbitches

OK first off, a scale for reference. Pence and Moon measurements are documented. Kim Yo Jong’s height is estimated, accordingly. She is about 5’2″ tall.


This photo of Kim Yo Bish standing with these North Korean soldiers has not been manipulated in any way. Clearly, these troops show signs of shrinkage. None are taller than the 5’2″ young woman. Is this the People’s Extra Small Emergency Auxiliary Backup Brigade? Are they just underfed? Why do they all have the resting bitch face…except her?

We point this out in the interest of public education, so you know more about our world.

tiny soldiers

Star Trek The Motion Picture

The very first ST movie, remember?  “V’GER“?

A Voyager spacecraft got sucked through a black hole and became self-aware and eventually built itself into an energy-sucking destroyer of worlds in search of its Creator.

You see where I’m going with this.  No? Well here’s pictures then.