Dems Accuse PDJT Of “Undermining” Fed Law Enforcement And Intel Agencies

Seriously. In the face of the emerging truth about the Obama Administration’s utter disregard for the law – and the agency leaders that aided and abetted him in his attempt to undermine a presidential election…this the best they can do? The lying fuck sacks. I hate them all, intensely.



  1. They give gonorrhea a bad name. Narcoleptics with Down’s Syndrome aren’t as stupid. Most of them are on SSRI’s and/or antipsychotics. They’re a biohazard to livestock and most are probably pedophiles and cannibals.

    1. Got that right. Baggers at Wal-Mart have got more brains than this bunch … and they’re friendlier.

  2. Reminds me of the final scene of “Little Shop of Horrors”, the B&W original—–just upsidedown.

  3. Especially that filthy punk scumbag Schiff. That little pussy motherfucker has the most punchable face I’ve ever laid eyes on. You just wanna bitch slap that annoying little arrogant superior smirk right off his lumpy lying face. He’s always got his mouth open in a yucky gucky little expression of mock surprise, so that his slimy fishworm lips look like a gaping anal sphincter. He’s a total un-American bullshit artist, who doesn’t even know how to tell the truth any longer. He’s a professional whiny pussy, who is actually working to overthrow the totally legitimately elected President of The United States.

    I blame Obama for all this. He radicalized the Democrats, and they’re so mindless and ignorant they just follow blindly along like the globalist commie robots they are. They will no longer tolerate the results of an election if it doesn’t go their way.

    Nice one, Earl, as usual.

  4. Earl I believe you mean “varmint pootang” and as we all know “the only good varmint pootang is dead varmit pootang, i think”

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