The Word Is Out – Bernie Will Run In 2020

Of course it doesn’t matter. Demiwits will not nominate a white naturally-gendered man for President in 2020.  It will be their Year of the Womyns, count on it.  But there’s still room on Bernie’s sled, if so inclined. Enjoy your flight.



  1. As with regular physics, a sled can only go downhill, a result I hope is meted to the democraps from now on. C’mon, Bernme, c’mon, Nancy, c’mon, Sheila, c’mon, Maxine… keep talking… I love the sound of your voi… voic… LUNACY!

  2. Yes, they’re all running……..out of space and time (would this be the opposite of Dr Who’s TARDIS, i.e., smaller on the inside than on the outside?) (there’s your next idea. run with it, Earl!)

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