Another aggrieved…um, woman steps forward to share her tale of unbearably masculine sexual aggression once forced upon her, back in the day, when she couldn’t tell anybody because the widely reported, horrible life-altering multitude of assaults in popular use today hadn’t been invented yet.  She also couldn’t tell anybody because who the flock would believe her?  Was she in a bar? No? No alcohol involved? Ha ha, get real. Look here:



  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!! Earl hits another home run. Holy shit, that’s just too funny for words. Which I guess is why Earl used old photos and shit.

    Them tiny little titties on Ruthie hang like two fried eggs on a nail. Just what every man wants, deep down inside.

  2. So she’s claiming at one point of her pathetic life that she stayed awake for like 30 minutes at a time? Wow. Just wow…

  3. Wait……what happened to “Feminism”, and “Wyman’s Empowerment”? “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar”? Couldn’t these Brave New Women have just said “NO”?

  4. Had there been YouPorn in the Jurasslick period, Ruth Buzzy would have starred in Tijuana velociraptor bestiality porn. The quiet ones are always fahreeks!

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