We Stand Corrected

We have to retract and apologize for our failure to report the truth. The countries referred to by our brilliant and keenly insightful President recently are not, in fact, “Shit Holes“. That is a misnomer and it’s unfair to the countries that have them. We sincerely regret the error of reporting them as such and have illustrated the honest truth below, as a correction.



  1. When you discharge untreated sewage onto the surface, it flows into the lowest contour of terrain forming a pool or cesspool. It can take on the appearance of a hole because one cannot discern the bottom due to the opacity of suspended matter; hence “shithole.”

    When the Human Misery Index, i.e., Democrat Index reaches a certain level, the populace will scavenge saturated waste (that would be “shit”) along the edges of the shithole, place them in containers to allow volatile gases of decomposition to collect. ShitHole People, or those inhabiting the area around a shithole, will inhale these gases to momentarily solubilize the lipid in cell membranes of neurons rendering them senseless to the Human Misery of the ShitHole they inhabit.

    It’s called Jenkem.

    When Frau Commietraitorbeastcunt was trumped, America dodged a planet-killing Jenkum bomb. Get on your knees and commune with God in thanks for that miracle. Never forget how close we came to become a Third World ShitHole®.

  2. Earl, this is so freaking accurate – and brilliant – that the U.N. is going to give you an award. You’ll soon be their Ambassador to Crapistan.

  3. “Get on your knees and commune with God in thanks for that miracle. Never forget how close we came to become a Third World ShitHole®.” LvQ II

    It stands in the Comitium,
    Plain for all folk to see,—
    Horatius in his harness,
    Halting upon one knee;
    And underneath is written,
    In letters all of gold,
    How valiantly he kept the bridge
    In the brave days of old….

    When the goodman mends his armor,
    And trims his helmet’s plume;
    When the goodwife’s shuttle merrily
    Goes flashing through the loom;
    With weeping and with laughter
    Still is the story told,
    How well Horatius kept the bridge
    In the brave days of old.

    1. “Goodwife’s merry shuttle flashing through her loom”…meaning her goodman is out trimming plumes and she’s going at it with a dildo, am I right? Or am I missing the point entirely?

      1. No, that was the point, alright.
        The line, “Horatius kept the bridge,” refers to the time when Mrs. Horatius shot a propane tank with her 12 gauge Mossberg. “I wonder what will happen,” she asked, just before she exploded. All that was left of the good woman was the bridge that had recently been installed by Dr. Myron Schwartz, DDS. Horatius kept it. The bridge. He (Horatius) kept the bridge. [Insert yuck.] He wished to keep fresh his fond memories of Mrs.H. playing “Hey, look at my gums, everybody,” as she spit out the bridge—in her vain attempt to launch a career as the village comic. [Well, that went on a bit longer than was budgeted.]

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