1. Did you ever eat at a restaurant where they place “special” silverware at the top of your plate? Neither have I.

      1. C’mon Earl everybody knows that per Emily Post you aren’t supposed to eat that fancy imported Russian caviar with a spork.

      1. Cowboys. Indians. Bullfighting. The Virgin Mary. Aztec warriors. Moose heads. Cow heads. Deer heads. Fish mounts. Paintings of fields of bluebonnets and oak trees with a dirt road leading to an old rundown farm house. We got shitloads of art, absolutely.

  2. You (or one) could string a bass fiddle with that neck. What’s with the left eye? [Her’s, I mean.]

  3. “That barely buys dinner”, or as I see it 5 minutes of pressure washing the sidewalks with bleach every night.

  4. There not within 1,000 miles of being in touch. Arrogant posers presiding over a bunch of effete queers and screaming schizophrenic bums.

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