Our “Shithole” Sidebar

CNN tweeted this out a day or so ago. If you or anyone you know reside in a “shithole” country, as recently (and truthfully) defined by President Trump, they really want your input. But probably not if you happen to agree with President Trump…just a hunch. So grab some pics, photoshoppatate out all of the bloated corpses, sewage, trash and assorted filthiness – and send ’em on in!

fake news

Be advised, we have discovered that all residents of “shithole” Southern States, as constantly and dishonestly defined by CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and the rest of the Leftist Cathedral are also invited to reply to the number with the understanding that nobody is looking for anything “pretty”. Plight and decay is the ticket on this side of the issue. Get it? OK then.


4 responses to “Our “Shithole” Sidebar

  1. Deplorable B Woodman January 15, 2018 at 8:31 am

    Seriously? That REALLY came out of Cock Nibbler “News”? (thank you ‘Taint, for that WONDERFUL invention!) If so, if it’s not one of your satire hits, then what a WONDERFUL opportunity to spoof, spam, flood, overflow and crash that phone number line!

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