1. OK, I’m first again. Do you know how much sleep I’ve been missing. And then to see Al’s face up there ~ Waaah! It’s 0° at our house right now and all I can think of is setting Al’s fat ass outside in his underwear and watch him enjoy the climate change. If he gripes, we can tell him that it’s gonna be 72° and sunny tomorrow. But he’s easy ~ He’ll believe it.

    1. I don’t know what it’s like to live in a freezer for days on end. Or get FEET of snow. My heart goes out to all the folks shoveling/blowing/plowing this morning.

  2. Earl, you are a Certified Science Denier. “Seasons”, as you call them, are on the wrong side of history. Barack said so. They have been replaced by Man-Caused Climate Modification. This modification can only be controlled by the United Nations, and their proposed White Privilege Tax. The proceeds from this tax will go directly to fund spirit-cooking sessions at Kalorama-Lama-Ding-dong Estate. The heated methane released by these sessions will magically restore the earth’s climate to its proper state. In case you doubt me, MSNBC and CNN both did stories about it.

  3. Hand it to Tipper for splitting on Manbearpig. Couldn’t take the pompous nutbag’s conjob lifestyle anymore.

    Take him and his cult on a one-way Flavor Aid express to Guyana.

  4. He’s starting to look like a lower primate that bled out. Come to think of it, they all look that way.

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