1. That is ROFLOL funny. Yes, I’m sure the toxic fumes of burning rubber would overwhelm anyone, even if wearing a protective mask.

  2. Not very green of Mrs. Clinton to be using a gas powered 2 stroke model. But I guess it still better then the old kick start 4 stroke Meryl Streep gave her to get through the 2016 campaign.

    BTW- nice to see you are on board with blog banner diversification. Well Done! ;)

  3. The Chappaqua FIre Department has put in an emergency budget request for new hazmat suits. Seems theirs were all destroyed in the recent “event” at Casa Clinton. The fumes from the combination of flaming Bleach Bit, smoldering KY Jelly, and overheated vats of Botox was just too much.

  4. That poor missus Clinton. Sure having a rough go isn’t she? Here she spent months gathering all those documents Congress told her to cough up. She went to great lengths to set them on stacks of cord wood so they would not get wet in a flood. For security purposes she even put them in the same outbuilding where they store their used computers, Roman candles, and flammable liquids. Because Bill uses the side of the building for target practice, she had 24 cords of dry firewood stacked all around, ya know, just in case. Then, as if they didn’t have enough to worry about, some clod sent two cases of magnesium flares to the wrong address. Bill was out by the road setting up his shooting table so Hillary told her helpers to put the flares with the old computers until she had time to deal with them. Well, bad things come in threes. One of the workers reported to Hillary that the oil tank next to the store room was leaking. Hillary went to call 911 but it seems her phone lines were dead. Fearing the worst, Hillary told everyone to get out of there. She got in her car and floored it to the end of their driveway and told Bill to get in. Bill told her to wait few seconds, he was checking out a new rifle and a box of tracers. An hour later the Clintons heard on the news their was a fire at their compound. Now she can’t give Congress all those document that would have proved she was innocent. Is that bad luck or what?

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