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Another aggrieved…um, woman steps forward to share her tale of unbearably masculine sexual aggression once forced upon her, back in the day, when she couldn’t tell anybody because the widely reported, horrible life-altering multitude of assaults in popular use today hadn’t been invented yet.  She also couldn’t tell anybody because who the flock would believe her?  Was she in a bar? No? No alcohol involved? Ha ha, get real. Look here:



Meanwhile, Back In The Schiff Hole


We Forgot To Commemorate The World Wide Waddle Yesterday

We did have a poster ready, but failed to post it.

As Dad would say, “Heat in the Winter and Shade in the Summer. And a shelf for your books!”  (Big reader, Dad was.)


Please Help Our New Research Project By Sharing Your Perceptions Of Nancy Pelosi

In the first photo below, do you see:

(A) Uncontrolled muscular spasms possibly indicative of a sudden and massive cerebral hemorrhage.

(B) A puppet show.

(C) None of the above.

(D) All of the above.

(E) Other: (please explain in the comments)


In this next photo, you will observe US House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi floating next to the incalculable mass of an interstellar Black Hole. Based on this observation and your knowledge of the universal laws of physics, do you believe:

(A) The Black Hole is sucking in Nancy Pelosi.

(B) Nancy Pelosi is sucking in The Black Hole.

(C) They are collapsing in on each other. The resulting void will destroy all life as we know  it.  See ya.

(D) You wonder sometimes if this Taint guy is chugging the cough syrup again.

(E) Nothing.


Government Shuts Down – Nobody Notices


We Stand Corrected

We have to retract and apologize for our failure to report the truth. The countries referred to by our brilliant and keenly insightful President recently are not, in fact, “Shit Holes“. That is a misnomer and it’s unfair to the countries that have them. We sincerely regret the error of reporting them as such and have illustrated the honest truth below, as a correction.



She just had to be President. Things should soon come to light that will bring the whole thing down. We shall see.

mother of all shitholes

You Can’t Trust A Dick


Our “Shithole” Sidebar

CNN tweeted this out a day or so ago. If you or anyone you know reside in a “shithole” country, as recently (and truthfully) defined by President Trump, they really want your input. But probably not if you happen to agree with President Trump…just a hunch. So grab some pics, photoshoppatate out all of the bloated corpses, sewage, trash and assorted filthiness – and send ’em on in!

fake news

Be advised, we have discovered that all residents of “shithole” Southern States, as constantly and dishonestly defined by CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and the rest of the Leftist Cathedral are also invited to reply to the number with the understanding that nobody is looking for anything “pretty”. Plight and decay is the ticket on this side of the issue. Get it? OK then.

For The Sake Of The Party, I Hope It Wins

The nomination, that is. Not the seat. Despite the name, there are still many good and decent Americans left in Mary Land to allow such a travesty to occur. I hope.

But It is a nearly perfect representation of today’s Democratic Pig Pile Party. (It could only be actually perfect if It migrated here illegally.) So yeah, this will be amusing to watch.


SanFran Nan: GOP Congress Completely Out Of Touch With The Needs Of Everyday Americans



Dawn Lemon, Patron Saint Of Shit Holes

I’m a true live and let live kind of guy, but this cum-gargler has gone too far. You don’t get to lecture decent Americans about anything you perverted fucking dick magnet.  And when you bring your sperm soaked girlish butt cheeks up against my President, you’re asking for a billy club up your gaping, well oiled and willing asshole, you sissy butt-fucking pole smoker.  Get me? You don’t have the authority, period. Now go enjoy a nice long pull on a giant, shitty, cummy, peanutty, stinky, hairy, clinging corn kerneled cock like a good little twink. Go in peace, lube licking scum recepticle. Do NOT make me come down there.

You miserable lying Shit Hole of a rump-rangered cock holster, you.

Where’s the Tylenol?

don lemon eats dick