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Dems Accuse PDJT Of “Undermining” Fed Law Enforcement And Intel Agencies

Seriously. In the face of the emerging truth about the Obama Administration’s utter disregard for the law – and the agency leaders that aided and abetted him in his attempt to undermine a presidential election…this the best they can do? The lying fuck sacks. I hate them all, intensely.


Ding Dong


Cleveland Indians Bench Chief Wahoo

And announce their new mascot, HooHah Squaw.


A Solution For The Dreamers And Their Families – Via The Party That Cares

Invite them to live in the generous, loving and duly registered spare rooms, cabins, garages and back yards throughout Progtardia. No fences, no walls, no locks. Rent free. Food, medical, dental and college educations provided at no cost. Daycare for the young and elderly. Larger estates could host entire villages while small apartments can share a bathroom or a closet.

Voila. The problem, she is solved. Sign up today!


Lemon Filling

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lemon filled

Scientific Simulation: Brain Waves Of An Imbecile

battle within


For those who don’t get Gulch.


Somewhere Over In The Schiff Hole


The Word Is Out – Bernie Will Run In 2020

Of course it doesn’t matter. Demiwits will not nominate a white naturally-gendered man for President in 2020.  It will be their Year of the Womyns, count on it.  But there’s still room on Bernie’s sled, if so inclined. Enjoy your flight.


Photo Retouching For Fun And Profit

Thank You MJA, for the showing and the linking and the being nice.*

*Always an honor.  I’m a little verklempt.

While we work here at WTTRG/EOT just for the bloody good fun of it, our highly skilled and professionally accredited Image Manipulators (“Imanips”) also accept lucrative (mid 2 figures, typically) commercial assignments. We thought we’d share a recent project (all client references removed) where we were asked to enhance an original photo, in order to sell more boots.

Here’s our finished product. The clients were thrilled and sales are through the roof. We opportunistically invoiced like hyenas for the princely sum of $49.99, which they paid without complaint just 60 days later! Cha-ching! Life is good.


OK, here (brace yourself) is the original photo.  We expect to win major industry awards for this one. Which will help us jack up our rates, which will help pay for the afflicted Imanip’s psychotherapy.


Bonnie And Clyde? Boris And Natasha? Eddie Munster And Herman?

What do we call these two traitorous Humptys?



bed buddies