Sensitivity Sunday – Your Microagressions With Ethnic Foods Is Triggering The World.

I don’t give a crap how they serve (what they call) Hamburgers in China. I suspect the majority of Chinese feel the same way about how I serve (what I call) Sweet and Sour Pork. They do not care, rightfully so. But we have Social Justice Worriers here, who care deeply about seizing every possible opportunity to call out Americans as ignorant racists. It’s their hobby, I get that. I just don’t get why we give a crap what they think.

asian mistake

I don’t blame them one bit. I’d have no appetite for any of these dishes. Even the beer. I’m not an adventurous eater. I’m an easily triggered barfer, though. It’s best I not partake.

Oops. Here comes another traumatized identity group. This may be the start of a trend.

mexican slip


  1. Because the Mexican prefer to eat with their hands?
    Let us all put chopsticks sticking out of our food, maybe we can starve the Chinese into submission. Maybe slap a couple of chopsticks on your dog for safety.

  2. Oh, for Christ’s sake! However, the cat heads not only LOOK yummy, they are a convenient snack, or possibly treat. Just carry ’em in your pocket. When you feel a tad peckish (Once had a friend named Tad Peckish. Thin fella. Looked like a pool cue.), haul one out, show it to nosey passersby (“Hey, lookie what I got, pie face.”) , and take a munch. Or two munches as is your wont. Or no munches. I don’t give a sh$%.

  3. There’s a “Asian” food joint near where I live. It’s entirely staffed by African-Americans, is this cultural appropriation or are only white people guilty of this phenomena? Can I patronize this establishment, and if I don’t am I a racist? I really need some guidance here guys.


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