Happy New Year To All!

2017 will be forever remembered as The Great Triggering. Manic meltdowns, traumatized tantrums, spastic fits of violence and incessant, vaporous, overwhelming anxieties struck affected persons (buttsore libs) repeatedly and irrationally.  It was a magnificent fountain of sweet, delicious progtardian tears.  Here is a very short list of some of the known victims of 2017 – it is by no means comprehensive. I have 20 here, that’s not bad…I can’t go all night. Not anymore.

Thanks to you all for coming by to point and laugh with me. Here’s to an even more productive and enjoyable 2018. MAGA!



  1. Earl ~ May you have the best year ever. I surely missed Debbey Waterman-Shitzin the montage. She is such a beautiful addition that I’m sprized you didn’t add her in. Butt oh well, you’ve let us see her several times already.

    Stay Safe says JimDuck

  2. Happy New Year My Friend. You got another great year of making us laugh in the books, and may next year for all of us be even more interesting from your perspective. ❤

  3. Zeros, soros, bezos, bozos … Love it! My new victory chant, to be deployed when confronting leftards. Wishing you a Great 18 from this Safe Space deep in Appalachia.

  4. God bless ya, Earl, old chum. May the good Lord shine His benificence upon you and yours. Keep ’em coming. Best wishes for a long happy life as we MAGA on forward to 2018! You have a place in God’s house.

    And, fuck the motherfucking left-wing fucking liberal motherfucking fucking lying scumbag psycho churlish dour petulant snitty pussy whiny paranoid fucker Obamadroid motherfuckers.

  5. You made us laugh, you made us spew our Dr. Pepper’s when we saw your great graphics. I stop by everyday to see what new and magnificent work you’ve created. Thank you for that. I hope 2018 is the best ever year for all us.

    Stay safe my friend and thanks for standing guard over liberty.

    1. Thank you sweetie. Is there such a thing as laying down and taking a nap over liberty? I’m best at that.
      (Congrats on the smack down – good luck next week!)

  6. Happy New Year, Brother Earl! Here’s hoping President Trump gets word of yer magnificent work here and appoints you as Secretary of Covfefe. MAGA!!

  7. Fractured ‘taints and schadenfreude, how sweet it is.
    Thank you for 2017, may 2018 be equally riotous.

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