DHS Gives The All Clear On Mystery Deliveries Of “Manure” In California

Unexpected deliveries of what was thought to be manure have caused a minor panic in several California neighborhoods over concerns of possible terrorism and or political attacks. Following an intensive investigation of the package contents, DHS has announced there is no reason for alarm – although they do caution that normal people should not eat it, nor keep it in their homes.

gift from the democrats

This cake recipe was formulated for stupid leftists and its effects on decent individuals has not been fully established. Their motto “Put It Down, Don’t Go Brain Dead” is sound advice to all naive, ignorant and curious citizens who might risk their mental health in an unwise attempt to see “both sides”. Please exercise extreme caution.

Save The California Normals!


  1. Oh, fer Christ’s sake! I just ate. Welp! There goes fruitcake as one of my faves. Thanks so much! Who’s the wench with the duffel bags?


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