1. Jer bear, if ever there was an expert on God’s wrath, it would be you. Can hardly wait to see the look on God’s face when you lecture God on accepting porn, abortion, gay marriage, communism, rejection of the 10 Commandments, theft of tax payer’s money, atheism, perversion, degradation of church and family, selling out to Hollywood, accepting money from some of the most evil people on earth, rewarding criminals, encouraging crime, bankrupting your state, and leading millions into temptation.

      1. That’s alright. God has ALLLLLLL Eternity to make righteous judgement on Moonbeam Brown. And He’s a multi-tasker. Who do you think President Trump learned it from?

  2. The Lord did tell us – repeatedly – that he will destroy this world with fire. California burning may be a taste of our toasty future.

  3. EoT ~~ Here’s wishing you and yours the Happiest/Merriest Christmas ever. Oh, and while I’m at it, I hope the New Year will be super also. I seriously doubt iffen you will have any bearing on wonderful people like Jerry, but maybe he and some of his fellow doubters will turn to ash. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch….

    1. Personally I would never want to see anyone burst into flames of everlasting damnation but since that’s not my call, it kind of would be sort of fun yes.
      Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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