1. In their titty-caca skyscrapers, at least they have a reason to stink.

    The UN is an abcessed boil on the ass of America, reeking of fetid corruption and evil.

  2. This should have been done LONG ago!……..Close the UN HQ in New York, clear the human vermin from the building and sell it to UZI as a firearms manufacturing facility!

  3. Whyn’t they just take up residence in Hillary’s ass? [That’s all I got on that one.] Oh, wait…

    a. There’d be enough room for a ’48 Mercury, too.
    b. Easy ingress.
    c. Post no bills. [inane non sequitur]

  4. Member nations delivered SHITloads of high fiber food…..
    Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US!
    Good riddance to one of the most corrupt organizations of all time.

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