Big Whoop

Some NYC Homo has a crappy picture of Killary tattooed on his arm – and he parades it around on social media for love and attention from his fellow booger eaters over it.


Whilst yours truly has sported this badass tat on his inner thigh since the dem convention last summer. I just never got all braggedy about it. (She’s playing with the balloons.)



    1. I agree. The tat is most useful in that it immediately identifies this ‘guy’ as a full bore douchebag. Marked for life. I wish all leftists would do the same.

            1. either way, I find it difficult that the reason to put “that” tattoo on one’s body is a testimony to mental issues at the very least.

              1. Sorry, I just FUBAR’d that comment. Circular reasoning, sort of. In my opinion, tattoos are just plain stupid, but a lot of folks will probably slam me over that.

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