Big Fat Liberal Leeches

Blue States like CA, NY, NJ etc tax the shit of their citizens with heavy state and local taxes – because the citizens can deduct those taxes from their federal returns – are quite put out by the imminent GOP tax law which will limit those deductions to 10 grand per year.

California Senator Kamala Harris recently tweeted that the average CA taxpayer currently claims an $18,000.00 deduct for state and local taxes, every year. (Proving she’s not too bright, as that is not a good thing to publicize, imo.)

And of course Cali is broke because they spend way more than they suck in – like all lib run governments everywhere. So now even more Californians, who can, will look to live elsewhere. And CA will go broke. And become more Mexico than they already are. What a shame.


1 Comment

  1. The real tragedy here is that the well-heeled libtards in CA and WA become (shall we say) distressed by the number of “migrants” their asinine policies have imported. So these progressive geniuses pack their bags and move to states like VA, GA, and FL – states that were governed by intelligent conservatives. And the incoming libtards buy control of local governments and school boards in their new home districts, and corrupt them, until the new states are every bit as screwed over as the ones they left behind. Thus we see illegals pouring into “sanctuary”cities, and homosexuals lurking in “transgender” bathrooms, all across once-glorious Dixie.


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