1. Harridan Cankula Crotchrot will destroy Albanians whether she is tied to her food supply or not. She is like Gojira, an angry flame breathing reptile of death and destruction.

  2. While Moore’s alleged thirty year old actions may cause me concern, this is matter for the people of Alabama and were I a Alabama voter, I would vote for Moore without hesitation. The alternative is unthinkable. I woud hate to be judged by some of my actions from fifty year ago.

    1. I don’t see evidence that Moore is guilty of any type of assault – from that period or since. I see scumbag media at work and it is repulsive. I will vote against anyone the Demedia touts, forever.

  3. How does The Earl manage to capture the very essence of Mrs. (p’tui) Clinton (p’tui)? Eye balls, like marbles, rolling aimlessly in hideous sockets. Eye bags the size of wallets stuffed with Havarti. Teeth like a backhoe. Horrifying even on substantial dosings of Thorazine. Uncanny.

  4. Roy Moore lost, MAGA-tards! White supremacy is, fortunately, just starting to lose its grip on our society and it may take a long time before it is brain dead; hell, the KKK was pronounced dead many times only to be reborn…

    While your ‘boi’ Roy may not, ever, give up & admit defeat, it’s over; he lost!

    Suck it up, you sensitive snowflakes.

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