Announcing A New Coast-To-Coast Traveling Celebrity Dick Show

They’re a big part of our national Current Events – everyone is talking about them, everyone has heard about them, so we thought it might turn a dollar or two to let everyone see them. We’ve turned the whole Rogue Penis phenomenon into a new traveling Musical Dance Review! We have a willing and available cast who love to put it all out there for the audience. Some of them are here on work-release, so we get them dirt cheap. The rest are all volunteers (a few even pay us to let them on stage).

It’s based on the show concept made popular by the wildly successful dance musical RiverDance along with some of the meatier bits from Chippendales. We hope you’ll take them in, when they come to your town.

swinging dick review


  1. those creeps don’t have such long dicks, I heard that B.J. Bill’s dick is so small he can fuck a cheerio without breaking it

  2. Giant dongs swaying in the breeze … in their dreams only. Micro-putzes is more like it, the kind you need a jeweller’s loupe to see.


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