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Happy New Year To All!

2017 will be forever remembered as The Great Triggering. Manic meltdowns, traumatized tantrums, spastic fits of violence and incessant, vaporous, overwhelming anxieties struck affected persons (buttsore libs) repeatedly and irrationally.  It was a magnificent fountain of sweet, delicious progtardian tears.  Here is a very short list of some of the known victims of 2017 – it is by no means comprehensive. I have 20 here, that’s not bad…I can’t go all night. Not anymore.

Thanks to you all for coming by to point and laugh with me. Here’s to an even more productive and enjoyable 2018. MAGA!


Sensitivity Sunday – Your Microagressions With Ethnic Foods Is Triggering The World.

I don’t give a crap how they serve (what they call) Hamburgers in China. I suspect the majority of Chinese feel the same way about how I serve (what I call) Sweet and Sour Pork. They do not care, rightfully so. But we have Social Justice Worriers here, who care deeply about seizing every possible opportunity to call out Americans as ignorant racists. It’s their hobby, I get that. I just don’t get why we give a crap what they think.

asian mistake

I don’t blame them one bit. I’d have no appetite for any of these dishes. Even the beer. I’m not an adventurous eater. I’m an easily triggered barfer, though. It’s best I not partake.

Oops. Here comes another traumatized identity group. This may be the start of a trend.

mexican slip

Funding The Barack Obama Foundation

Now who would believe something like this was possible? Too far-fetched, right? The very idea…I apologize in advance for even bringing it up.


Winds Of Change?

winds of change

Trapshooting With The Best Press Secretary That Ever Was

Our much beloved and Super Skilled WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders demonstrates her mastery of shooting clay (fake) pigeons, aka “shooting traps” or “shooting skeets” or “White House Press Conference”.


St Bernard Lives High In The Alps

st bernard

Saint Bernard Says Government Would Spend Your Money Way More Better Than You Would

He says we’re “robbing the National Treasury”…by not paying more taxes. And as such, we are impeding important federal efforts to make everything better. Things like these below, for example.



DHS Gives The All Clear On Mystery Deliveries Of “Manure” In California

Unexpected deliveries of what was thought to be manure have caused a minor panic in several California neighborhoods over concerns of possible terrorism and or political attacks. Following an intensive investigation of the package contents, DHS has announced there is no reason for alarm – although they do caution that normal people should not eat it, nor keep it in their homes.

gift from the democrats

This cake recipe was formulated for stupid leftists and its effects on decent individuals has not been fully established. Their motto “Put It Down, Don’t Go Brain Dead” is sound advice to all naive, ignorant and curious citizens who might risk their mental health in an unwise attempt to see “both sides”. Please exercise extreme caution.

Save The California Normals!

Comey’s Disturbing Christmas Eve Tweet

king james tweet


Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas!

From my Tribe to yours. Or our Tribe to theirs. Or Whatever. We hope you each get a Pony.

Peace and love my Friends.

white christmas


Here’s Our Adaptation Of This Timeless Christmas Classic

In our version the Protagonist is judged to be both Deplorable and Irredeemable. Following three incredible and amazing trips through time where all details of her life are reviewed, examined and scored, she is thrown into prison for all eternity. The end.


Anyone Seeing Mass Deaths Out There?

I read they’re dropping like flies.