He’s 88 And Still Chasing Girls. That’s Pretty Damn Iconic To Me

I have no love for the guy, whatsoever. He’s a liberal Democrat, enough said. But I do have to give props to the stamina.

As an homage, I’ve put him in Hef’s smoking jacket. He’s earned it.

As for Charlie Rose…


He reminds me of Dr Smith from Lost in Space. Remember that one? One of my favorite shows as a kid. Imagine if Charlie had played that role. Wait, you don’t have to – I did it for you, look:

lost in space



  1. I have it on good authority the child actor who played The Bloop was none other than Michelle Obama. Charlie probably molested it hence its adult hatred for whitey and America.

    The pain, the pain.

  2. Ol’ Long Dong better have that thing tied to something secure cause when the rungs of power on the ladder of success begin to snap it’s gonna be a long fast fall……

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