Sure They Pay Sky High Taxes But They Get These Super Fantastic Government Services

Homeless people in California’s larger cities don’t have enough public restrooms available, at all hours of the day. So they crap on the sidewalks, leaving toxic pathogens behind to infect others with their various strains of Hepatitis and other crud, killing some of them.  So to avoid a public health emergency, the cities are steam cleaning and disinfecting the sidewalks.  And planning to build more public restrooms, so then the homeless will stop behaving like feral animals. Or not.

Wouldn’t it cost a shit pile less to make the crap weasels that make the mess clean and disinfect the places they choose to poop on? As part of a chain gang, maybe?  We’d pay someone to supervise and put a boot in their ass if they do it wrong. House them in prison camps until they’re done. Feed them dog food. Why not? This shit here is insane.



  1. Thanksgiving, too?! Christ! I just ate!

    “Hey, deBoyle, where you goin’?”

    “Backyard. Queasy. So very queasy. Must hurl. That danged Earl [note clever rhyme] and his poo humor. NO sense of propriety. ANYthing for a laugh.”

    “You shoulda seen him in middle school. He was in time-out for two years running.”

    1. Hey that’s a true story. The poo was added editorially to give depth and perspective to the report. We dropped a couple of loaves we felt were universally recognizable samples, as we do not know the size and texture of the actual poo, as it appeared.

      Otherwise this is pro-grade reporting, not humor.

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