And The Captain Of The Titanic Never Saw The Iceberg

Roger Goodell is an institutional idiot.  Game attendance and viewership is declining. Merchandise sales are dropping. Advertisers are grumbling. All while he encourages the players to continue their vacuous ‘social justice’ horseshit for the benefit of the people paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket to one damn game, a cold hotdog and a warm beer.

Now he demands a raise. He needs his ass kicked. Jerry Jones is a greedy, avaricious billionaire and an alpha level competitor. I couldn’t care less that he’s ‘losing’ money, but he sure cares about it, like a duck on a bug. I wouldn’t want him on my ass.

I’m still not watching Dancing With The Felons, btw. But it continues to piss me off.




  1. I haven’t watched since Kapperdick started this crap, and I don’t miss it. Thanks, Colon, I owe you one.

  2. Just as Obama was America’s best gun salesman ever, Paperdick is the best booster college and High school football have today.

  3. Speaking of crotch grabbing, what’cha gonna find down there? I’m betting it’s a mangina.

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