Would You Play?

Scratch the right face and win a billion. There are lesser prizes among the other faces – 48 total, along with coupons for free small drinks and or fries from your local StopNGo, so every card is a winner!



  1. Wow! What an assortment of uglage. Say, how did Burton Cummings get in there? First semi-circle, 8th from the right, with the stash?

    I like the harpy fifth from the right, sucking on a bit of black hose.

    1. First one is a certified woman – she’s just Greek. Harpy is the cowboy hat wearing Pride of Florida whatshername and the semi circle is formed by the current members of the House Democratic Women’s Oral History Caucus, Debbie Messerschmidt Schnauzer – Chairwoman

  2. I heard there was one surprise Scratch and Sniff loser face on every card that smells like Shelia Jackson Lee’s congressional seat cushion…..

    1. Partly true. There is one card that contains that special prize – but not all of them. If we put it on every card we’d kill all the printers, not just those two that scraped the seat. Poor bastards.

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