They Really Are Much Yummier This Year

The massive, triggering LOSE of 2017 seems to have infused them with a unique flavoring, something we haven’t seen for some time. The strong bite of stale sandalwood, aged patchouli and rancid B.O. are all in there, just like always.

But this year’s crop has something extra…we detect the sharp, spicy, piquant tang of spent unicorn gas along with a savory, salty sense of futility that only excretes from the most fearful and trembling of glands. Lab tests have shown that this year’s herd scored 100% positive for the condition so we know it’s in the entire batch.

Also the very obvious addition of weed. Lots of weed. Really high quality weed. And it is rather amazing how much it improves the overall flavor. Of everything, honestly.

Get yours before they’re all gone.

best ever