It Could Have Been Joe?

In Donna Brazile’s new book, her shocking admission that she considered replacing candidate Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden, after Clinton suffered a seizure and publicly collapsed during her campaign for the presidency.

Man that could’ve been fun. So we’ll make tonight Joe Night, starting with this one from the archives – a few years back:


And 2 new ones, in his honor. Good Old Uncle Slow Joe, God love him.

First where his personal Minder was running a couple of minutes late in the hallway…


Here he is on the phone call from Ms. Bra-ZEE-lay…



  1. Re Joe’s floating ass crack, all’s I can say–between bronchial spasms–is Just WHAT in THE hell?

    “The Earl must have some f^%$ed up nightmares, man.”
    “You miss the whole point, Dr. Freud. He gets it all out in broad daylight. His plan is to give everyone ELSE nightmares.”

    1. Notice please how the dialog carries your gaze around the panel. Your left eye is subliminally glued to Joe-cleavage, see? Same way they do the whisky ads, only with manclam.

  2. Good ole Jackass Joe, the imbecile who loves to drink, tell off-color dwarf jokes, give dull parties, cheap presents, nothing to charity, can’t count past three and plays mumbley-peg with dim-witted quadrupeds. He enjoys the same general regard and esteem as a dead otter and for some odd reason is quite proud of that! On his last birthday his age shot past his IQ and at the same time wildly overshot his targeted level of incompetency! This grinning idiot acts like an arrogant assistant manager of a used car lot with the mental capacity of Karl Childers and a personality of a drunken, Tourettes-addled Winnebago man: “Godammit them french fried pertaters are a big fuckin deal!”
    “I don’t just ride the Crazy Train every day, I drive the sunovabitch!”

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