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LaVar’s Least Favorite Holiday

Many thanks to reader and deft observer of current events Mikey for the spark on this one. Reader suggestions are always welcome and much appreciated. Especially with the advent of the dementia, whenever that was.



Well This Explains A Lot

Well dang.  Joe’s on dope.

found joe

You Know His Plugs – Now Meet Joe’s Jugs

He always wanted bigger muscles and a broader chest. Now he can keep his hands to himself.

Amazing what they can do with surgically situated bags of salt water, these days.


Joey Jello


Hillary Passed Through Austin Friday

Hawking her book.

book tour

It’s The Al Franken Weekend

Senator Al was a comedian and writer. Often Intermittently funny, typically irreverent, smart-assed and sophomoric humor was his forte.  It’s a style we very much appreciate here. The early SNL, National Lampoon – God bless their souls, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Steve Martin, etcetera.  Al was right in there with those folks. And he dished it out. Now he gets to take it.

So without further ado,

Here’s Al Dumpty!


He’s This Year’s Thanksgiving Turkey!


A Big Thank You And Happy Thanksgiving To Former Senator Al Franken!


I Don’t Have A Title For This

None of my say so, but I hope Judge Roy Moore wins. Roll Tide!

(NOTE: While we believe that both of the women shown below are scurrilous liars, we only have evidence proving the ‘woman’ on the right is a venomous, shape-shifting reptilian predator. The rooster-haired woman on the left is believed to be a zombie-fied and mentally susceptible host-stooge who was enlisted in the scheme for money)


Turdle Time

He’s holding up Trump’s agenda and cramping everyone’s MAGA. Who does Yertl work for?

Who Run Swamp Town?


Bonus Feature: We see an amazing resemblance in this old photo below.

More than that, they even have the same face.

possum queen

The Current Top Four Democrats For 2020

Behold the quality of the competition. We could not be more pleased and, while there is a decent chance at least one of them won’t survive to see the next election, we hope they all run very competitive primary campaigns that suck the oxygen away from any younger candidates that maybe possibly perhaps have functional, non-rectally inverted brains.

Our best wishes to these good old people weasels. We sincerely hope they all live long enough to lose, again. Like usual.

dem heroes


And Never Win!


Clearly, Joe Biden Kneads People

Yet another example.

joe looking

The Creepy Big Brother Amazon Algorithms Are Too Damn Intrusive

When a customer orders The Wolf he expects to receive The Wolf, not some insulting (although surprisingly accommodating) System override/ autonomous substitution of whatever product it deems to be more appropriate…for whatever reasons – none of which I can imagine.  It’s a puzzle.  Everybody loves puppies, of course. It’s not the worst swap they could have made, but Puppy simply does not hold the same cache as Wolf. Particularly in the underpants department. Amazon is fired.


He Told Her She Was “His Bitch” And Then He Assaulted Her, Manually


And The Captain Of The Titanic Never Saw The Iceberg

Roger Goodell is an institutional idiot.  Game attendance and viewership is declining. Merchandise sales are dropping. Advertisers are grumbling. All while he encourages the players to continue their vacuous ‘social justice’ horseshit for the benefit of the people paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket to one damn game, a cold hotdog and a warm beer.

Now he demands a raise. He needs his ass kicked. Jerry Jones is a greedy, avaricious billionaire and an alpha level competitor. I couldn’t care less that he’s ‘losing’ money, but he sure cares about it, like a duck on a bug. I wouldn’t want him on my ass.

I’m still not watching Dancing With The Felons, btw. But it continues to piss me off.