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Statewide APB Canceled: Missing Dem Senator Al Franken Has Been Located


9 Months Later – ISIS Is History


click pic to bigger it


Maybe a little terrifying, before bedtime.

le pewcanklefootpruneswhiz

Retirement Buzzkill – Caught In Selfie

Maybe it’s a Baby Ruth.

Maybe it’s Prison.

hot tub

The Latest Dem Diversion – Ferdinandina Wilson Episode

What story are they trying to push away with this lame skit?  Uranium One? Hillary’s gone kind of quiet with her new “broken toe”, hasn’t she?

Anyway this is a Squirrel.

card fight

I’d also like to go ahead and post a treatment on Freddie I had started last evening, but then woke up today to see my semi-professional colleague, the widely acknowledged Prince of Politically Incorrect Insight And Analysis Scooter Van Neuter himself, had already broken the story that our President had tweeted the same photograph in reference to Rep Wilson, so my plan was crap.

So I have revised it.  I did polish the image slightly, but only to enhance the appearance of Ferdinandina over the distorted image posted previously and all well within the limits of the established celebrity photoshopping regulations in use everyday. In this regard the photos vary. All else is 100% certified genuine original.




I Can’t Find Any Historical Record Of A Free-Agency Market For Slaves

Maybe I missed it but I didn’t think slaves could opt out and leave their plantation in search of bigger money slaving away for someone other master. If they tried to run away, they were pursued. Most eventually were captured, beaten and sent back in chains.

Nobody is chasing Paperdick. Not even to be a slave.


It’s Been A Rough Week

I refuse to suffer alone.


Atta Boy Roger

dance moves


More Spoogey Than Scary – Unless Nasty Scares You – Then It Would Be Both

He’s the senior bukkake model of the Late Night Clown Car Crew and he’ll tell you way more than you ever wanted to know about those Dots. (HINT: Most were self-launched.)

Stuffan Oldbear:


Wicked, Evil And Despicable But Nothing I Have To Worry About

Heads up, Ladies.  They have faces.  Check carefully.


The BeetleJuice of feminine hygiene products.

Fair Warning! A Triple-Triggering Totally Terrifying Transgendering Takes Its Toll

That’s a shame.  It all went straight to his face. His own fault, as usual.  He was warned to get off the douche water, years ago.  For your own benefit, I’ll force you to scroll a bit to see it.  Whatever happens, to you and/or to those who may be within your reach, it’s your own fault.








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<Your final opportunity to avert your gaze and protect potential offspring from damage.



OCD Is Clearly Indicated – Hooray!

Yes, it’s a very good thing that she’s mentally ill. What fun could we have if she were well? She’s pure gold, the disconnected old lunatic.