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The Nastiest Monster Of 2017

The Vodka Guzzling Moon Barker, The Vile Queen Corruptus, The Whore Of Babylon!

People worry about near misses by asteroids. We dodged a giant hemorrhoid last Fall that would have caused so much more pain.  In everyone’s ass. Happy Halloween to all!


Looking For Honest Argument, Keen Insight And Rational Discourse On Current Events?

Well OKAY then…

balls out

Head Of Dem Staff Passes Secret Plan For Mid Term Elections – Code Name “Silent But Deadly”

The following action is not approved for public release. Not yet. Hold it in.


Hm. There’s A Really Long Line At The DC Airport


Hillary’s Russian Cigar

Blowed up

The Baloney Hillary Uses Most!

A meaty Toss of the Taint to alert reader billygotegruff for inspiring this one



Hate Trick Or Treaters? Averse To All Visitors, In General? Here’s Your Best Defense

Howdy to Western Rifle Shooters!
The following was produced at great speed and as yet undetermined cost in response to an indirect assignment from the Boss, Herself.

A full size, full color, fully repellent “Go Away” Door Poster – just in time for Halloween and all the other Holidays too!  Have it printed on outdoor (banner) vinyl – it will last for years!

(NOTICE: No Trigger Warning for the following visual because you really need to feel it.)



halloween door poster

Trigger Time: Strap On Your Halloween Goggles Before Viewing


Failure To Deflect

She does give us all a good laugh though, with the attempt.


A Cranky-Crickity-Crotchity Commie Comedy Clunker – Part II

Coming Soon!




Here’s Another Little Monster

Unlike a true vampire, he bites you in the wallet. And never lets go.