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Re-Education Camps Disguised As Music Festivals

A potential Progressive Suppression solution from our brilliant researchers and scientists at The Taint Institute for Brilliant Research and Science.  Best of all, the target demographic will pay for the opportunity to enter the camp, providing all necessary funding for tent rentals, portable toilets, musical acts, etc.  Yet another potential revenue stream is presented by licensed merchandising – t-shirts, caps, fidget spinners, blankies, coloring books – the possibilities are endless.

We’re forwarding this one to the Kochs.


Might As Well Knock It Back To 49 States

Not only will California not get better, they will get much worse.  On purpose. Sad!



The Book Tour Staggers On


Just Thinking What-If…


Adventures Of The Ramen-Haired Retard


Breakthrough Contraceptive For Men Is Now Available – And It Works!

UPDATE UPDATE: Many thanks to MJA at IOTW for the link!

UPDATE: A current roster of Monasteries in America

Keep this card in your wallet. Stare at it for a few seconds prior to any potentially dicey romantic occasion*.  Our patented Instant ED will take effect immediately** – leaving you completely incapable of performing any method of reproductive activity whatsoever.

The Kid is definitely not yours! What a Relief!!


*You strapped on the beer goggles, for example. This cuts right through that fog.

**Only normal heterosexual men were tested.  Your results may vary. Call your doctor if you achieve an erection of any duration, as this might indicate homosexual and/or bestial  tendencies. Stop looking at the card until you know for sure. Or not, like we really care.

Harvard Names Bradlea Manning A “Fellow” And Made It Cry

It’s True




Hillary Won’t Run Again?


For Those Who Can’t/Won’t Make It To A Book Signing

We bring you the same Up Close With Hillary Experience. Only ours is free.

Would you pay for this?


Deplorables Rally For Florida – ANTIFA/ Pink Pussy Hats MIA

work rally

Gridiron Flashback: Hillary V. Electoral College 11-8-16

hillary v EC

Thoughts And Prayers For All In Florida

We have a lot of friends down there in sunny Florida. Many have left, the stalwarts remain. Old timers there know about hurricanes, but so many newcomers don’t. Our prayers for all. The storm will be over and the ones who come through it will regroup.  We hope that everybody comes through it, undamaged. Godspeed, Floridians.