NFL Ticket Sales Down 17.9%

Says so right here

And furthermore…a damn good read on grounds to revoke their special anti-trust status here. They’ve gone political – against my President and against the wishes of ticket holders and fans.  Maybe they think the SJWs will buy up the empty seats.

Odell Beckham Jr posed like a pissing dog to celebrate his touchdown last Sunday in Philadelphia. He later admitted on Twitter the pose was meant as an insult to President Trump, who had characterized a protesting ex-player as a “son of a bitch”. Clearly, Beckham intended to show that his Mother was a dog also. The little SOB was jealous.



  1. These dudes need to hire antics coaches. To most of us, the stuff they think up on their own means the opposite of what they intend. Bad for the movement.

  2. His “bruthuhs” in cRAP music call his mama a “ho” and a “bitch”… so maybe she IS a dog.
    His actions show the level of creativity he has as a choreographer, and why you can’t look to africa for inventions. What does africa afford the world… computers, automobiles, farmland, clean water, technology, airplanes, space travel, clothing, tools, machines… NO… disease, starvation and tyrannical leaders… that’s IT!


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