I’ve Been A Fan Of The NFL For Many Years. And That’s Probably Long Enough

Devoted Cowboys fan since I was 10 years old. They were the game on our local TVs that Sunday and my buds and I knew every name on the roster. (Don’t ask me any of them now, too long ago to remember).  But I am losing my NFL religion, lately.  A Commissioner who fires back at the President and owners that grovel along with him have just chased away a life-long fan.  But of course I’m just one old guy…who cares?

Besides, it’s an Evil, Racist, White Supremacist Organization that deserves to fail along with the rest of Evil, Racist, White Supremacist America on account of some cops shooting black people and also People Of Color dead just ask poor and unemployed Colon Krinkledick, he will tell you if you care to listen. (No that’s just a link to how much he’s worth. I won’t link to his Marxist garble, wherever it is.)

Photo Evidence Emerges Showing The Brutal Pain and Suffering Borne By The Slaves Of The NFL:


slave quarters

That is a Cattle Prod. Attention Getter, Not A Stun Gun



roger goodbye goodell
Roger Pussywart Goodell – NFL Commissioner


  1. I cancelled my Sunday Ticket on my Directv. I haven’t watched the first NFL game this season and I haven’t missed a thing. I watched football for entertainment, not for indoctrination. While I am sure they haven’t missed me individually, they appear to miss the unindoctrinated group I now run with.

  2. The owners are all jumping on the Bash Trump bandwagon,so as not to upset their millionaire properties.Stephan Curry said he didn’t want to go to the White House to meet Trump,so the president uninvited him.Now the whole Warrior team is refusing to go.What they don’t understand is that Obama loved hanging out with people he can live through vicariously.Trump doesn’t need to do photo ops to feel better about himself.

  3. Of COURSE the NFL is racist… don’t they tell the offense to make “pick” plays… aren’t their players on a “field”… aren’t they encouraged to “sack” other slaves… they sell their “contracts” (ownership papers) to other teams, and especially the southern teams… the coaches say “we don’t “cotton” to losing”… there is no other conclusion that makes sense… next thing you know, we’ll find out that the owners have been having sex (and “chillin”) with “they HO’S”! Thomas Jefferson was a PIKER compared to these mofo’s!

  4. Yaaaaaaah sportsball! Can we get back to putting AIDS in vending machines used by black people please?

  5. Well done Earl. I’ve never been a sports fan although I played when I was in HS. Never had the time or inclination to watch a bunch of pampered pussies in the first place. Seems I have missed nothing.

    That said, I find it tremendously insulting that these pampered pussies have the nerve to label America as racist given that this country has twice elected a black man as president, plus across this country black governors, black mayors, sheriffs, congresscritters, etc. by white people in most cases. Meanwhile, these pussies don’t say a word about the slaughter of blacks by other blacks in every major city.

    Lastly, these assholes don’t realize that they are being played by the likes of Barack Obama who set into motion this racist bullshit in the first place for the purpose of division and political agendas. We were at a level of racial harmony unseen in our history until that asshole picked that scab and poured gasoline on it.

  6. Earl, like you I’ve been a fan my whole 70 year life. In 1980 I moved to Northern California and adopted the 49ers as MY TEAM. I never missed a game until that piece of crap Kaepernick took a knee. I have only watched the Super Bowl since, but I will probably drop that this year. I’m more angry with the owners and coaches for letting these millionaire malcontents run the asylum. I’ll be back when EVERY player stands at attention during All of the Peoples’ Anthem.

  7. You ain’t the only one, Earl. Football is fucked. It’s so over. The game is nothing like it was 30 or 40 years ago. It’s become progressively more and more progressive and pussified for years. The players look like gang members, but act like sashaying racist whining fagolas. I’m never watching another football game again, ever. I gave up on baseball years ago, and now football is gone, too.

  8. And you’ve got to add the leftist poisoning of the NFL to the financial hijacking of city budgets and taxpayers’ wallets to enrich a few douchebag owners. Let them all go set up shop in, oh, say, Venezuela, that fine nation whose El Presidente has just lectured Trump for correctly stating that Venezuela is NOT a democracy. Maybe they can diss the flag there. I’m sure they’d be well treated.

  9. Jabar Gaffney, ex NFL and Gator star just got arrested today for beating his GF in Jacksonville. La Dee Da

  10. Nascar and the PGA Tour should ramp up during the NFL season, I will support them. I see Harley sales going up too. I too am done with the Cowboys, Jerry Jones lost me today.

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