Breakthrough Contraceptive For Men Is Now Available – And It Works!

UPDATE UPDATE: Many thanks to MJA at IOTW for the link!

UPDATE: A current roster of Monasteries in America

Keep this card in your wallet. Stare at it for a few seconds prior to any potentially dicey romantic occasion*.  Our patented Instant ED will take effect immediately** – leaving you completely incapable of performing any method of reproductive activity whatsoever.

The Kid is definitely not yours! What a Relief!!


*You strapped on the beer goggles, for example. This cuts right through that fog.

**Only normal heterosexual men were tested.  Your results may vary. Call your doctor if you achieve an erection of any duration, as this might indicate homosexual and/or bestial  tendencies. Stop looking at the card until you know for sure. Or not, like we really care.


  1. I found the list of monasteries a welcome alternative to spontaneous, compulsive ritual sudoku. Or seppuku. Especially since the photo of the golden retriever was so seductive compared to Ms. Delauro. Thanks for always leaving a window open, Earl!

  2. When Rosa asked “what sexual position makes the ugliest children” she was told “ask your parents!” I thought it was a photo of Roddy McDowell with Jay Leno’s chin and a surfboard skag added as a nose

  3. Your best ED Control is the pictures in the next post prior with Bradley “Man”ning (I refuse to call “it” Chelsea)


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