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New Study: Cow Farts Worse Than Ever

A massive spike in these pungent, eye-watering and nausea-inducing methane emissions could leave our planet uninhabitable for all humanity, with the exception of mouth-breathers (that don’t mind the taste) and those who don’t care if the air smells like ass. Like gaymen, for example.

From the news:


NFL Ticket Sales Down 17.9%

Says so right here

And furthermore…a damn good read on grounds to revoke their special anti-trust status here. They’ve gone political – against my President and against the wishes of ticket holders and fans.  Maybe they think the SJWs will buy up the empty seats.


Odell Beckham Jr posed like a pissing dog to celebrate his touchdown last Sunday in Philadelphia. He later admitted on Twitter the pose was meant as an insult to President Trump, who had characterized a protesting ex-player as a “son of a bitch”. Clearly, Beckham intended to show that his Mother was a dog also. The little SOB was jealous.


It’s Karma (Trigger Alert: “Penisaurus”)

Perhaps Mr Kong will tweet some pics!


Just too damn perfect of an outcome. A brief timeline:

rise and fall

Roger, Over And Out


Burkas – I Get It Now

now i get it

They Sure Showed Us

Game was played in London. I did not watch but have seen notices that many of the Ravens players knelt for our anthem and stood for the British version.

And they got beaten like field hands. Tragic.



I’ve Been A Fan Of The NFL For Many Years. And That’s Probably Long Enough

Devoted Cowboys fan since I was 10 years old. They were the game on our local TVs that Sunday and my buds and I knew every name on the roster. (Don’t ask me any of them now, too long ago to remember).  But I am losing my NFL religion, lately.  A Commissioner who fires back at the President and owners that grovel along with him have just chased away a life-long fan.  But of course I’m just one old guy…who cares?

Besides, it’s an Evil, Racist, White Supremacist Organization that deserves to fail along with the rest of Evil, Racist, White Supremacist America on account of some cops shooting black people and also People Of Color dead just ask poor and unemployed Colon Krinkledick, he will tell you if you care to listen. (No that’s just a link to how much he’s worth. I won’t link to his Marxist garble, wherever it is.)

Photo Evidence Emerges Showing The Brutal Pain and Suffering Borne By The Slaves Of The NFL:


slave quarters


That is a Cattle Prod. Attention Getter, Not A Stun Gun



roger goodbye goodell

Roger Pussywart Goodell – NFL Commissioner

I Question His Fitness For Office

Maverick says he can’t support the bill because there were no meetings, debates and amendments with the democrats. Yes the very same people who rammed obamacare up our asses without any such consideration for Republicans (and their constituents).

But Admiral Bird has a Swamp to feed. He’s a worthless Deep State dickhead and I hate him. And he has bean teeth.



Exclusive Photo: Hillary Redecorates Her Second House

Finger the pic and it will get bigger

hillary's 2nd house

Listen Children And You Shall Hear Of The Midnight Lies Of Paula Revere.

She describes herself as such, in an interview. Says she’s warned America about Russia like Paul Revere warned of the British. Funniest part of that take is that the people trusted Revere. They didn’t put him out on his ass.

paula revere

Compare And Contrast

better now

“IT” Is Scary But “SHIT” Was Far Worse

Way scarier Clown than IT, too.  The SHIT Clown – Pennysworth – ran the country for 8 whole years.  *shiver*