Leftists Are Insane – Opportunity Knocks

Not the most socially responsible product, we admit.  But the demand is huge and if we don’t react and supply it, someone else will.  Carry a large, reinforced umbrella – maybe a poncho. Eye protection is always advised. Full face shield recommended. Be careful out there.

We’ll donate a portion of our proceeds to benefit the disinfection of all public surfaces where our products caused (verified) contamination that may possibly present a hazard to the public.  (Damage and or coatings of hair, mouths, noses, hands, faces and all other body surfaces/orifices of individuals and/or their personal property are not qualified for assistance as it is impossible to distinguish our possible contribution from pre-existing conditions.)



  1. This will save us tons of money instead of buying clay pigeons.
    Just wait for them to fly and shoot them down. It will send the residue flying back at the “launchers”.

  2. Oh, Sweet Jesus! Just wrong in so many ways. “Patented Analok Seal,” forsooth. Easee Squeezee Colonic Sieve Insert.” Madness. This is what a childhood filled with pranks, smoking at an early age, and Mad Magazine will do.

    1. Your insight is amazing. But Mad was only the gateway mag. I moved to National Lampoon early on and never went back. …other than that dalliance with the Penthouse Letters, which maybe ate up the better part of six or ten years (I was young and I really liked to dally), I was a ‘Poon guy 100%.

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