Some USC Students Said Traveller The School’s White Horse Mascot Was A Racist Symbol And Had To Go – But Don’t Worry It’s All Been Worked Out Now

By The Well Hidden Imam’s Broad Buttocks, they’re going way too far with this shit. College football is played, of course, by Colleges.  Colleges chock full of scurvy anarcho-communist student and staff Cracktivists who hate all forms of competition, any sort of winning or losing and all kinds of deodorant.  They would love to have football summarily banned from the campus, but standing far from that reality they’ll settle for ruining popularly celebrated and historic traditions by tying them to modern day social justice offenses and thus pressuring to have them banned and/or altered by the school administrators.

But they’ll never get this far, right?  Earl’s just being retarded, like usual.



    1. Transitioner was born a non-conforming stallion and subsequently neutered for reproductive prevention, yes.

      But she is now progressing even further with help of her trainers, horse whisperers and world class veterinarians to surgically and emotionally become the Mare she knows she was meant to be.

      El Geldito right now though, yeah.

  1. I canceled my Direct TV Sunday Ticket. The NCAA better tread lightly. I can just as easily swap channels. I am close to tuning out these 350 pound “kids”.

    1. I’ve loved watching football since I was 9 or 10. The Longhorns and Cowboys as a kid, now mostly root for the Cowboys but not as rah-rah as my younger years. And I’m watching the games less and less, because of all the “Social Justice” green-apple loose moose diarrhea they dwell on these days.
      It got old when it started, years ago.

    1. My day is made.
      Seriously, I considered your well published love – and Curmudgeon’s – for the college game quite a bit while working on this one.

      Hmm. Tigers and Elephants? Seems both could easily trigger high anxiety and emotional trauma among at-risk South Asian and African American communities due to the debilitating pain wantonly inflicted by such blatantly thoughtless acts of cultural misappropriation. Maybe a quick change to Geaux Nutria or Roll Musk Ox would be prudent.

      1. You know some are already complaining the LSU sports teams are named after a fierce, take no prisoners band of Confederate guerrillas known as ‘The Fighting Tigers’. I do like the Alabama Musk Ox idea though. ;)

        1. Ole Miss Rebels, though notsomuch anymore; they’ve already exiled the Stars & Bars AND Colonel Reb in order to make a more inclusive campus for the nigra football players.

          Likewise Arkansas State University Indians. Jumpin’ Joe ( has been likewise banished for the more politically-correct Red Wolves.

          I’m wondering how much longer the Florida Criminoles are going to hold out.

        2. And the Nutria Rat? You good with Mike The Amphibious Rodent? The yellow teeth match current team color, I figure you noticed that right off the bat (I sure did!). And it probably poops something purple, so we can check those both off as pluses. Team colors are all good. I’m really excited about the change – GEAUX INCISORS!! Woo-Hoo!

  2. How did you manage to figure out which gay bath house Barky was hiding in, and how did you manage to drag him away from his “people”?

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