1. Yeah, it looks to be a real Mammer Jammer, with the worst to come as it sits in one spot and incessantly rains and rains.

    1. I’ve been watching this since Monday. The rapid intensification at the end was not really expected but people had a few days to prepare. It’s going to suck with the flooding, no power/sanitation, etc. for those who stayed put. Pure dee suck. It could take weeks to get into some places.

  2. Thanks…as a former Shreveport boy who was mysteriously transplanted to Texas at the tender age of 10, I have weathered lots of hurricanes, including Alicia. Now that I’m away from the gulf coast in Austin, we are ever so grateful for the rain. My prayers go out to those less fortunate.

    You do a great job, btw, but I don’t wanna make your head swell….

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for Texas, but living on the Florida Gulf Coast, I’m glad it didn’t come here.
    Since it’s a white racist, why didn’t it attack Mexico?

  4. Isn’t it racist to call a storm “white”, but after you get underneath it’s filled with “dark clouds”?

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