For Progs Only – FREE Solar Eclipse Viewer. Hurry! Eclipse Coming Soon!

We think this could be an impulse buying bonanza, from an easily triggered demographic. The offer is posted below.  Feel free to share it with everyone you’d like to see blinded for life.

solar viewer

And, for those needing help, here are the instructions:

how to eclipse



  1. Just in case you miss the actual eclipse, go to any nuclear power plant and ask for the simulation that they run inside the core.

  2. POIFECT, Earl. Now I wonder how fast I can distribute some of your patented “eclipse viewing boxes” here in my town. We are due for over two minutes of totality, and are already being invaded by hordes from the “beeg city”….

  3. I know for a fact Prog will see the eclipse even better with an ice pick inserted into their occipital lobe. The more times, the better the effect.

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