BREAKING: Fearing Assassination, Debbie Wazzername Schnotz Has Fled To Pakistan

She’s the weak link. She knows too much. And she’ll break.

So she’s desperately hoping her friends and former employees will help hide her from the Clintons.  She was good to them, they should return the favor.


Meanwhile, she does her best to blend with the locals and not draw scrutiny.

And that’s working.  No one looks twice at her.



  1. I’m sure a nice Jewish girl like Debbie will have no trouble making friends in Pakistan.

  2. Is that ex-Emperor Barky driving the oxcart? With one of his “Dancing Boys” at his side?

  3. I actually saw morons on Farcebook arguing that she’s not a congresscritter!
    We’ve had to suffer her for long enough, time for someone else to deal with her.

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