They Whacked Tony!

That’s right. They walked him out through the back door and bam! The Scaramooch is gone. I guess they don’t … More

Wow – What An Honor

An honest to goodness Presidential Proclamation…amazing. A tremendous honor from possibly the greatest POTUS ever.  My life is complete. Everyone … More

So, Prebotamus It Was

It’s fun trying to guess the next dickhead purged from the staff.  We think it’d make a great new show.

Too Damn Hot

Not like Arizona, thank God.  But still it’s an oven here in the studio/garage.  Just like every summer in Texas, … More

The Tranny Brigade

If you are “gender confused” (aka “extra-weird homo”) you are not qualified for military service.  No type of mental “confusion” … More

Our New Shark Programming

People will watch this. Every week we will toss a well-known celebrity leftist into shark infested waters and watch as … More