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They Whacked Tony!

That’s right. They walked him out through the back door and bam! The Scaramooch is gone.

tony whacked

I guess they don’t care at all that we may have exhibitions in the works?  This was all set to be our next sidebar image:


It’s already obsolete. Not very considerate of our feelings there, General Kelly. But that’s OK, you do whatever needs to be done.  Don’t give a thought to the thousands of memes you just obliterated without so much as a heads-up. Not a problem. Big Shot John.

It just so happens we spent a few hours working on this here following comfefic strip…and thanks to your careless timing, it now makes less sense than it did yesterday.  I’m posting it – the unfinished work-in-progress – so everyone can see what you just pissed all over.  You heartless bastard, you killed my baby!



You’ve Worked Hard To Establish Your Identity – Don’t Let Some Other Homo Steal It


Wow – What An Honor

An honest to goodness Presidential Proclamation…amazing. A tremendous honor from possibly the greatest POTUS ever.  My life is complete.

Everyone in my basket-weaving club is going to be so jealous.

Especially Olbermann.


Feeling Screwed?


So, Prebotamus It Was

It’s fun trying to guess the next dickhead purged from the staff.  We think it’d make a great new show.


Too Damn Hot

Not like Arizona, thank God.  But still it’s an oven here in the studio/garage.  Just like every summer in Texas, yep. We should cool off by Halloween.

Really need some rain though. If anyone knows the dance, we’d be much obliged.



even better deal

The Tranny Brigade

If you are “gender confused” (aka “extra-weird homo”) you are not qualified for military service.  No type of mental “confusion” is qualified.  Hell, as a ‘community’ you’re about 75% suicidal as it is.  That there’s another big ol’ DQ.  The military doesn’t recruit people they know are mentally unfit.  Your compulsive need to indulge in your sexual transmogrification is completely fine and dandy, you go on and live it up.  But making that choice will exclude you from consideration for military service, that’s all. For now.


The Media’s Favorite Republican Returns

They didn’t love him this much in 2008.  Something’s changed.


Don’t Miss The Boat!

better deal

American Girls: “We Want More Joe!”

He’s become an overnight sensation and an acknowledged pioneer in the emerging genre of EMO-Dad Rock.  The 54 year old front man for the new combo Scar Burrows is also the host of a morning program on cable TV and a disingenuous douche vessel of a human being.  Meet Joe Scaburrito.

scar burrow


Our New Shark Programming

People will watch this. Every week we will toss a well-known celebrity leftist into shark infested waters and watch as they are eaten.  2 words: B-52 Stratoratings.

shark feast

Dates subject to change if we don’t actually get the OK to do the shows