This Is Satire. We Do Not Want Debbie Dead. We Just See It Coming.

She can talk all she wants, we’re happy to listen. We do not wish her harm, we want to see her live a long and fruitful stretch of 15-25 years without parole.  We do however foresee other parties that might want need to silence her voice.  It’s only a guess.



  1. Screw immunity…they handed that out like Halloween candy when it was Killary’s fat ass in the hot seat, and where did it get them? Let the rats eat their own..

    BTW…OT curb service, my liege…

      1. Yer welcome, bud. I had to look up the drummer myself…Al Jackson Jr. And that’s a REAL young Donald “Duck” Dunn on bass. They were the house band at STAX Records in Memphis, and played with everyone that was anyone. Always loved that Memphis sound.

        1. Great choice, Junky! That’s a treat. But Al Jackson, Jr. is as much a Memphis legend as BT&theMGs. He survived getting shot in the chest by his wife only to be shot in the back 5 times later that year (by somebody who knew him by first name but pretending it was a robbery), and that pretty much caused the demise of Stax. Can’t get any more ‘Memphis’ than that!

          1. Thanks, bud! I did remember him after I looked it up, and the fact that he was apparently a bullet magnet. I owe him and every other musician that worked at STAX a debt of gratitude. That record label had a lot to do with forming my musical tastes.

            1. I hear that. Memphis and STAX are practically “The Cradle” of all good music. Nothing like the Delta.

              I’m starting to learn more about the lesser-known musical cradles, lately. As you and Hardnox can attest, Pittsburg & Philly are a couple of ’em. I’m in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia right now, and the Jazz Festival just wrapped up yesterday. I’ve been listening to lots of old-school blues folk in clubs in Hampton and Phoebus lately and I didn’t even know half of them existed. Some amazing talent. Bruce Hornsby lives down the road in Williamsburg, and he plays outdoors constantly with his buddies all summer long. They’re not really old-school, but I’m not sure how to classify somebody who played with the Grateful Dead…

              1. Also RE Hampton, just found out today that one of my favorite Jazz bits was originally written by a couple of Hampton Roads guys, Dave Bailey & Ben Tucker who did it best in 1961 before it got copied a 1000 times, like by Mel Torme and even David Sanborn.

        2. But AJ Jr. could really beat those skins and was a legend for more than just getting shot at a lot. Some blues icon called him the best drummer on the planet. I forget who.

        3. Duck Dunn…sheesh. Why’d I remember it as Darden? (I blame the dementia, unless I’ve previously blamed this on the dementia, in which case I’m pretty sure it damn well is the dementia and you can get the hell away from my medicine, whoever you are!)

          1. I feel yer pain, my friend. But I blame my shitty memory on spending so much time in the 70’s…

            1. Yeah. I was there for the whole decade, myself. Unless we’re discounting the times I wasn’t “all” there, in which case I missed almost all of 75-79. Ish.

  2. Thanks, Earl to be featured prominently on
    Another barn burner. Thanks, J.C.

  3. Oh, I donno
    I think her missing everything above the lower jaw from .300 magnum would be an improvement

  4. At first I thought this was serious, Earl. What gave you away was your use of her high school graduation picture on the right side of the newsflash.

  5. Ah yes, Debbie “Was-a-man” Schultz! Lunatic extraordinaire and I’ve seen a prettier face on an iodine bottle! I suppose I shouldn’t be so critical though, she can’t help it. Love the video bluesjunky! “Duck” Dunn was great in the movie The Blues Brothers!

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