Catching Up With Joe Biden

Trigger alert: This has kind of a sad ending, similar to Ol’ Yeller. We checked in on old Uncle Joe because we read that he’s been having regrets that he chose to opt out of the 2016 presidential contest.



    1. That’s the little Nirvana cover baby’s tummy and baby wooter laid over some old swimmer dude’s body with Joe’s noggin being his only contribution. 30 minutes, max. Originally was to riff on Unca’s love for skinny dipping. Instead became cause of his demise. Little Joe failed him for the last time.
      Also it’s art mang.

    1. If he reincarnates immediately we’ll have 25-30 years before he emerges, if then. But he won’t reincarnate right away, he’ll get lost for a while then maybe come back later. I’ll be long gone by that time so you’ll have to double up on the work, sorry.
      Or hire my replacement haha. As-if such a thing were even possible, eh?


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