Senator Al Franken To Keynote 2017 International SBD Collectors Convention

Little did we know Senator Al Franken has been a medal-winning, Pro level fart sniffer for years now. He’s considered a lock for a future hall of fame spot and he’s still knocking them dead on the Seniors Tour. He also teaches Basic Snifting classes at the local Community College and will soon release his first gaseous gospel album – “How Great Thou F*rt”.  Add in his brilliant former career achievements in comedy and film…he is nothing short of amazing. Because he is also lab certified as 57.6% mentally retarded.

What have you done with your life?



  1. Could Brother Al connect the input end of that tube to another source of methane, just for some variety? Like maybe to Moochelle’s keester, or to Chuck U. Schumer’s, or to Smidge McConnell’s?

  2. Fact: according to his inner circle, Al prefers the wet ones. A good shart will keep him on a high for hours.

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