1. So Trump is investing in tech that will render progressives into glue? I want shares in that company! I’d settle for rendering them into gelatinous pools of fat, but the glue would have more uses…

    1. They’ve torn us apart, only fair they help put us back together.

      We need to be careful on the insider trading…but yeah, we’re talking ground floor. Name isn’t set…Progloo has been bandied about. Watch it.

    2. We could process them into soap, but we can’t see that anyone normal would buy such a thing. And Progs don’t wash, so no market for that. Industrial De-greasers and Lubricants are strong possibilities, since odors aren’t a problem there.

      1. Maybe an alternative to WD-40? Nothing is more slippery than a progressive, especially when he/she is talking.

        1. Production of our super-slippery LibLube(TM) extracts will be a key driver in the expected surge in demand for our even super stickier glue brands. All we need is a refinery and a solid feed of Liberals. Then…Boomba.

  2. No mention though of the secret Pepe hand signals coming from the fascist rethugliKKKan Sessions eh comrade? We are closing in on the Alabama sleeper cells.

    1. You mean the Might of the Mississsipppile? Or maybe Georgai? Tennenesseee parhaps? We arer everywhere Mister “G-Man”. Watch your back from the front side, why don’t you! As if having the eyes back to there! Don’t you wish!! Hahahaha!!!

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