Well Now These Are Two Completely Different Situations Altogether

In this case, a Republican president did not personally order a wiretapping, but became connected with those who did. He had to resign.


In this case, a Democratic president says he did not personally order a wiretapping – and cannot be connected to those who did because he says he wouldn’t do that ever. He got a $60 million book deal.

It’s like night and day, sure enough.



  1. Well now bat ears can’t be impeached but he can still be hung for treason. Would that be a Washington or Chitcago wind chime?

  2. As someone who remembers the Watergate fiasco, I find this to be a great point.

  3. The linked Zerohedge piece goes to some lengths to explain that IF Trump’s offices were legally tapped in December via a FISA court order, then some valid reason for issuing said order must have existed at the time. I fail to see how this gives Trump “the last laugh”. What was that valid reason?

    1. Yes. We all need to see the original FISA request from last summer (it was denied) and the one granted in October. That valid reason may well be based on untruths set forth by fed attorneys. I don’t think it will hurt Trump in the least but we need to see them.

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